Indespension ISCP090 Triplelock Head 50mm – 2000-3500kg

£124.99 (+ VAT)

£149.99 (incl. VAT)

Indespension ISCP090 triplelock coupling head to suit a 60mm drawtube.


  • 50mm triplelock hitch
  • Suits all Indespension couplings 2000kg-3500kg
  • Cast for strength & reliability
  • Electro plated for longer life
  • Tamper proof bolts & rivets
  • High security coupling lock
  • Locks automatically
  • Female fitting to 60mm drawtube
  • Bolt fixings 1 horizontal, 1 vertical
  • Bolt centres 40mm


Bellows to suit this coupling found here.


We stock these dampers to suit Indespension couplings.

ISCP004 Capacity 1400-2700kg

ISCP005 Capacity 2000-3500kg


6 kg
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