Indespension Coupling Damper ISCP005 Capacity 2000-3500KG

£50.00 (+ VAT)

£60.00 (incl. VAT)

Indespension coupling damper ISCP005 to couplings with a capacity of 2000-3500kg.

This damper suits the following coupling – CP037.

The old damper may have one of the following numbers on it ISCP005, 623FI, 008367, 135/18, GH05 or B9297.

The Indespension part number is ISCP005.


Damper sizes are as follows:

  • Overal Length = 405mm
  • Damper Shaft Length = 225mm
  • Centre of Bush to End = 390mm
  • Eye to Suit M14 Bolt


We also stock damper ISCP004 found here.

If you require the rubber bellows to go with this click here.


We stock these coupling heads to suit Indespension couplings.

Up to 2700kg head found here.

Up to 2000-3500kg head found here.


1 kg


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