SAS Security Hitch Lock Fortress ‘A’ – Knott, Alko & Winterhoff

£77.50 (+ VAT)

£93.00 (incl. VAT)

This SAS security hitch lock (coupling lock) suits hitches commonly fitted to Graham Edwards (post 2018) Ifor Williams, Brian James and many other makes of trailer. Specific models below. This product also comes with insurance approved certification.


The SAS Fortress ‘A’ Hitch Lock fits the following Couplings (See other photos for examples of head this lock fits)

  • Knott Avonride KFG Couplings (mostly found on Ifor Williiams Trailers)
  • AK350 Al-ko Cast Head
  • AK351 Al-ko (Fitted to current Bradley hitches)
  • AK3500 Al-ko
  • Winterhoff WW200 Cast Head



The maximum security ‘safe style’ lock on this hitch lock has twin hardened pins to lock. The Lock also has anti-drill protection to further increase security and deter thieves.

Hitch lock is made of tough steel, finished in Zinc pacifate, and painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent.

Compact and easily stored which makes it ideal for touring.

This is an ideal hitch lock for Ifor Williams Trailers (we stock a large range of Ifor Williams parts) with Knott cast hitch’s and Brian James Trailers with the AK351 Hitch. Other Hitch Locks also available for other hitches.



The AK351 AL-KO head is fitted to most Graham Edwards Trailers post 2018. Such as on our current HU12 Bradley coupling.

We also stock the ‘FORT’ lock and the ‘FORT B’ lock.

Another fantastic way of keeping your equipment safe is by using the deterrent of a Trailer Datatag Security System. We also stock a quality Bulldog Tracker that has motion notifications.



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