Indespension Bellows Coupling Rubber Gator

£9.99 (+ VAT)

£11.99 (incl. VAT)

Indespension bellows universal fitment to suit all Indespension couplings. This rubber gator is the perfect replacement for all Indespension hitches.

The Indespension part number for this bellows is ISCP002. This is a genuine part.


This Indespension bellows fits the following Indespension hitches: 375-750kg, 800-1800kg, 1400-2700kg, 2000-3500kg version.


We stock these dampers to suit Indespension couplings.

ISCP004 Capacity 1400-2700kg

ISCP005 Capacity 2000-3500kg


We stock these coupling heads to suit Indespension couplings.

Up to 2700kg head found here.

Up to 2000-3500kg head found here.



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