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Lambing Season 2021

As lambing season 2021 approaches, take a look at our range of trailers aimed at improving your livestock transportation. ATV Trailers These handy atv trailers are ideal for taking ewes and lambs out to the field. A partition gate separates the ewes and lambs to keep them apart and safe. They are also helpful when …

Livestock Trailer Accessories 2019 Rear Ramp

Livestock Trailer Accessories

This blog is going to show a few things we have changed and also a few different livestock trailer accessories / options available when you order a new livestock trailer in 2020. Here at Graham Edwards it has been a good year. We have had a few changes to our livestock trailer range and of …

Trailer Stock December 2019

Trailer Stock December 2019

This is the current list for all trailer stock December 2019 ??? All of these trailers are available to take away today.   Livestock Range TDM820 2 rows of vents & cattle gate GET14WT 2 rows of vents, cattle gate & fitted with 185 70 x 13 – SOLD GET12W 2 rows of vents, cattle …

livestock trailer with sheep hurdles

Different Livestock Trailers for Different Livestock

Here at Graham Edwards Trailers we manufacture a wide range of Livestock Trailers suitable for different types of livestock. We have trailers aiming for people wanting to carry a handful of animals, to a small herd. Our trailers are suitable for many different types of livestock. Today we will discuss some of our trailer range …

Graham Edwards General Purpose Livestock Kit

The Graham Edwards General Purpose Livestock Kit

Contact us today for your own General Purpose livestock kit!   Our General Purpose trailers come with the option of purchasing a livestock conversion kit. This kit allows your General purpose trailer to be used for carrying livestock. It is ideal if you are wanting to use the GP trailer for more then one application. For …

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