Wheel & Tyre 500×10″ 115mm PCD 4 Stud

£39.50 (+ VAT)

£47.40 (incl. VAT)

Wheel & tyre 500×10″ 115mm PCD on 4 stud to suite many makes of trailer.

Tyre is a 5.00 x 10″ high speed tubeless light truck tyre.

Wheel rim is a 4 stud with a pitched circular diameter of 115mm. The centre bore measures 85mm.

For use on general use trailers, camping trailers and many more with 115mm PCD hubs/drums.

Suitable for use on the following trailers when fitted with 115mm hubs;
  • Daxara 147, 148
  • Erde 142, 143 Hubs
  • CH451 Motorcycle Trailer
  • Franc GA150, Trax Duo, Mono Pro
  • Trigano AL234 Trailers
Measurements on drawing
  • A = 115mm
  • B = 85mm


We also stock the 400×8″ on a 115mm PCD and the 500×10″ wheel on a 4″ PCD.



6 kg


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