Unbraked Trailer Cable Secondary Coupling

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Heavy duty unbraked trailer cable (Secondary Coupling Cable) to use on unbraked trailers. This is the best secondary coupling on the market.

These are a legal requirement in the UK and stop the trailer from becoming detached from vehicle in the event of coupling hitch failure. This is where the name “secondary coupling” comes from.

Made from 5mm galvanised wire this is one of the best unbraked trailer cable (secondary cable), they have an eyelet at one end that is used to bolt the cable to the tow-bar normally using the bolt for the draw-bar stand.
At the other end is a forged heavy duty spring / snatch hook that attaches to the tow vehicle. Works perfect with the cast trailer hitch.

These are perfect for any small trailer such as Erde’s, Daxara trailers, Maypole trailers and much more!

  • Overall length (including snap hook) is 515mm
  • Overall length of wire only is 410mm eye to eye.
  • The wire is 5mm thick


These are a quality machined item that we have been supplying since 1985.


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