Alko Coupling Lock Hitch AK301 & AK351

£19.99 (+ VAT)

£23.99 (incl. VAT)

Alko coupling lock push-fit barrel type.

This is a Genuine AL-KO coupling lock, not one of the cheap copy locks that many people are selling.

The ALKO lock kit comes complete with Lock, 2 keys, safety ball & sheaf.

What is the ALKO coupling lock fitted to?

This lock is suitable for the AK301 coupling head and the AK351 coupling head. The AK301 & AK351 AL-KO coupling heads are often fitted to many makes of caravan and trailer.

Photos on this page show coupling head that this lock fits. Graham Edwards trailers post 2019 fitted with Bradley couplings also use the quality coupling lock.


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