Nortrak Trailer Tracker – TrailerSentry GPS

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The Nortrak Trailer Tracker GPS tracker long-life battery tracker for trailers. We believe that Nortrak TrailerSentry® is THE tracking device for keeping your trailers safe from theft.

This is the out of the box solution you can put to work straight away. No wires, no set up, just place and track it. The ultimate trailer tracker.

The Nortrak TrailerSentry® uses traditional GPS and Glonass tracking satellites. A 72 channel high sensitivity receiver ensures good reception of satellite signals and poor reception signals are boosted by a low noise amplifier. This means it works in low reception areas (when hidden in a chassis for instance).

Key Features
  • These rugged devices are water and dust proof to IP67.
  • No wires – As a result, it gives you the edge over permanently wired trackers (The thieves would just follow the wires back from power source).
  • No installation – hide them inside the chassis, behind upholstery, panelling, or anywhere you choose.
  • Just use it, all the technical stuff is done for you.
  • TrailerSentry® trackers are sold with fixed cost airtime at just £10 inc VAT PM – added automatically at cart. This also Includes the cloud-based Telematic
  • Guru tracking platform which contains some of these great features.
  • Movement Alerts
  • Geofence protection
  • Put tracker into Recovery mode – live tracking
  • Send tracking link to police
  • Built in internal GPS & Cellular antennas.
  • Concurrent GPS & GLONASS tracking.
  • 72 channel high sensitivity receiver.
  • -167dBM industry leading tracking performance
  • LNA – GPS signals are boosted by a special Low noise amplifier. This allows operation where normal units fail to receive a GPS signal, like in a container stack!
  • Unauthorised movement Alerts
  • Geofence features – set a geographical area around the trailer, get an alert if it exits this geofenced area.
  • Can be configured and updated over the air
  • Can be put into “Recovery Mode” which puts it into live tracking and reporting – so you get your trailer back!
  • Harsh G-force detection (3d accelerometer)
  • Adaptive tracking – intelligently works out if moving to send frequent updates, and scales them down when stationary.
  • After Hours – Device can be set to alert when out of hours activity is detected.
  • AES-256 authentication & Encryption
  • Low battery Alert
  • Flash memory

With this tracker combined with the Datatag Trailer System your trailer will be the safest it can be.


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