Indespension Coupling Damper ISCP005 Capacity 2000-3500KG

£45.00 (+ VAT)

£54.00 (incl. VAT)

Indespension coupling damper ISCP005 to couplings with a capacity of 2000-3500kg.

This damper suits the following coupling – CP037.

The old damper may have one of the following numbers on it ISCP005, 623FI, 008367, 135/18, GH05 or B9297.

The Indespension part number is ISCP005.


Damper sizes are as follows:

  • Overal Length = 405mm
  • Damper Shaft Length = 225mm
  • Centre of Bush to End = 390mm
  • Eye to Suit M14 Bolt


We also stock damper ISCP004 found here.


1 kg


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