Ifor Williams Brake Lens RUBBOLITE STYLE 5481A

£9.50 (+ VAT)

£11.40 (incl. VAT)

Ifor Williams brake lens replacement to suit Truck-Lite light units. This lens is most commonly fitted to Ifor Williams horse boxes, flatbed trailers, livestock trailers and more. We have also seen it fitted to other makes of trailer such as Blueline, Brian James and others.


  • Spare lens for Truck-Lite 313/01/00 and 312/01/00
  • Replacement Ifor Williams brake lens and other makes of trailer
  • Ifor Williams equivalent part number – PO6770/T


Sizes: Width 104mm x Height 104mm x Depth 29mm


Also available is multi function Rubbolite light unit found here, this light has stop, tail & indicator.

We stock the following replacement Rubbolite lenses:




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