Maypole 48mm Ribbed Jockey Wheel

£39.99 (+ VAT)

£47.99 (incl. VAT)

Genuine Maypole 48mm ribbed jockey wheel.

This is a jockey from Maypoles leading “Professional range”. We also stock the 48mm smooth jockey wheel.

48mm ribbed jockey wheel suitable for trailer applications up to 400kg static nose weight

  • 48mm serrated outer tube diameter
  • Height extension range 245mm
  • Handle extension 100mm
  • Tyre size 200x55mm. Large steel wheel with PU tyre, makes easy on most types of ground
  • Max static load with clamp 500kg
  • Supplied without a clamp
  • MP9724
  • R-clip & chain prevents handle rotation when travelling
  • Grease nipple bearing lubrication inlet gives jockey wheel a longer life
  • Serrated and sandblasted anti-vibration tube, prevents slippage through the clamp
  • Reinforced axle tube
  • Heavy duty ball race handle bearing, ensures smooth & easy handle rotation
  • JS500 coating gives fantastic corrosion resistance, allowing the product to pass a 500 hour salt-spray test


Alternative version of Ifor Williams part number: P0475




12 kg


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