Pair of 550kg Knott Suspension Units – 4″ PCD

£97.50 (+ VAT)

£117.00 (incl. VAT)

Pair of genuine 550kg Knott suspension units. Come complete with Knott ‘N’ type 4″ PCD hubs and roller bearings mounted to a standard shaft.

Galvanised body with 25mm forged steel rubber suspension arms, 6 hole mounting.

These suspension units have a standard length shaft for wheels that have no offset.


These come pre assembled from the supplier to make for quicker repair/build.

Suspension units x 2
Cast hubs x 2
Inner Bearings x 2
Outer Bearings x 2
Hub Caps, Castle Nut and Split pin x 2



  • 550kg Capacity Per Pair
  • 4 studs on a 4″ (101.6mm) PCD
  • 64mm Bearing casing with grease nipple
  • 6 hole mounting plate size 180mm x 100mm
  • Fixing centres along the 3 bolt holes 76.2mm between each one
  • Fixing centres width of the 2 bolt holes 79.4mm between the two


PCD – Pitch circle diameter is the diameter of the wheel studs.


We also stock 750kg suspension units found here.



17 kg
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