50mm Ball and Pin Trailer Tow Hitch

£21.50 (+ VAT)

£25.80 (incl. VAT)

Quality cast 50mm ball and pin trailer tow hitch set.

Commonly fitted to 4×4’s, pick-ups and commercial vehicles to allow hitch or towing eye trailers to be towed.
  • D Value = 20Kn
  • S Value = 350kg
  • 2 x M16 mounting bolt fixing holes
  • 90mm fixing centres
  • Suitable for towing trailers of up to 3500kg
  • Pin 25mm diameter
  • Approved to Reg 55
  • Approval number: E11 55R 018119

We sell an adjustable drop hitch well suited to this ball and pin assembly and also a twin step add on for vans and 4x4s.



4.50 kg


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