Ifor Williams Brake Drum 200×50 4 Stud Hub 5.5″ PCD – KS0825

£79.99 (+ VAT)

£95.99 (incl. VAT)

Ifor Williams brake drum with a 4 stud on 5.5″ PCD stud pattern.

Ifor Williams equivalent part number: KS0825

This drum is a replacement for 4 stud twin axle   Williams up to 2700kg trailers and also many tri axle up to 3500kg trailer made after September 1992 up to now.

Always check that you are fitted with Knott brakes and have the same style Ifor Williams brake drum before purchasing. If you are unsure send us a photo of your brake drum and we can confirm for you.

Drum Specification
  • 200mm Internal Diameter
  • Suits Ifor Williams trailers fitted with 200×50 Knott brakes and 4 stud drums.
  • Ifor Williams equivalent part number: KS0825
Kit Includes


The 8″ 5 stud version and the 10″ 5 stud version is also available.


10 kg
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