Ifor Williams Brake Cable – All Sizes

£10.00£19.00 (+ VAT)

£12.00 (incl. VAT)

Selection of genuine Knott brake cable suitable for Knott brakes on Ifor Williams.

Suitable for many makes of trailers and caravans fitted with Knott brake system.

This cable has a nipple at one end (Drum end) and a thread on the other (Compensator end).


  • Cable length (from end of thread to bead)
  • Sheaf length (from end of sheaf to end of cup)
  • Internal cup diameter 18.5mm
  • Sheaf/Cable
  • 630mm/840mm
  • 730mm/940mm
  • 830mm/1040mm
  • 930mm/1140mm
  • 1030mm/1240mm
  • 1230mm/1440mm
  • 1430mm/1640mm
  • 1630mm/1840mm
  • 1830mm/2040mm
  • 2030mm/2240mm



These cable are to suit Knott brakes such as the 200×50, 203×40 & 250×40 brake.

Knott brake parts to suit these cables:



1 kg
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