Chain Harrow 4ft

£195.00 (+ VAT)

£234.00 (incl. VAT)

Chain harrow 4ft ideal for field / garden maintenance.

Used for the following:

  • Pasture renovation; breaking up and levelling heavy soil
  • Removal of dead grass from the base of healthy grass
  • Helping to remove lightly rooted weeds
  • Surface levelling in equestrian centres, race tracks, and running tracks
  • Stimulates growth by aerating and tearing out thatch
  • Excellent for ripping out moss, spreading manure, and levelling mole hills


  • 4ft x 6.5ft mat
  • 12mm diameter heavy duty tine
  • 8 Tines across x 3 tines down & row of hooks attached
  • Manufacture 1 year warranty


Delivery is by pallet, so you will need to have the facility to remove pallet from the wagon.



Please note this product is sent direct from supplier.



70 kg


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