3 Point Linkage Kit Compact Tractor Cat 1 Fits KUBOTA B SERIES, YANMAR, ISEKI, FORD

£69.99 (+ VAT)

£83.99 (incl. VAT)

3 point linkage kit to convert most sub 25hp compact tractors into a cat 1 standard fitment. The kit includes all the equipment you need to set up a 3 point linkage to a smaller compact tractor. All part are high quality and are primed in corrosion resistant paint.

19mm top links and 22mm bottom links.

We know that this fits older Kubotas upto 22HP mainly 1500 B1700 B1750 and 2150 Older Isekis mainly 2140 and 2160. This kit will also fit most other smaller compact tractors.



We also stock a compact tractor a frame 3 point linkage set and a 3 point linkage kit for larger tractors.


Please note this product is sent direct from supplier.


17 kg


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