Battery Powered Fence Energiser 40km / 25m – New Generation

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£149.99 (incl. VAT)

Battery powered fence energiser 40km ideal for electric fences powered by battery without access to mains power supply.

Designed by Gwaza one of the leading fencer product suppliers with over 40 years of experience. This battery powered fence energiser can power up to 40km of fencing off of a 12v battery.

Set comes complete with earth stake, fence wire and battery wire.

Suitable for sheep, pigs, cattle, horses & deer.


  • ROHS & CE & WEE Compliant
  • Consumption: 0.15-0.3A/Hour
  • Voltage vacuum: 9000-10000V
  • Delivered power Vacuum: 4.5J
  • Power output at 500 ohms:2.5J
  • Suitable up to 40km of Fence
  • Manufactures warranty included


Works well with 7ply wire found here.

Don’t forget to purchase our handy voltage tester to check your fencing, found here.



Please note this product is sent direct from supplier and is not carried on stock.



2 kg


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