Bespoke Trailers Made To Your Specification

Looking for a bespoke trailer for a specific job? The laws and regulations around trailer manufacturing have recently become increasingly regulated! In 2014 type approval became compulsory on all road going trailers.

Here at Graham Edwards Trailers we have a vast experience in delivering tailored solutions whilst working within the “Type approval” guide lines. We always work closely with our customers though-out both the design and manufacture stages and we will always try and find a way to produce a trailer as close as possible to the customers own specifications.

Having over 20 years experience building bespoke trailers. We have designed and manufactured many different trailers to a unique specification for customers far and wide from a unique fold up carriage trailer to blast trailers for airport runways.

We have the experience and skills to design and build the bespoke trailer for you.

Some of our previous bespoke design and builds include:

  • Car transporters with tarpaulin covers and two decks for race cars.
  • Airport runway-lights cleaning trailer.
  • Various trailers for generators and large air compressors.
  • Trailer for sandblasting machines.
  • Single axle flatbeds.
  • Various Caravan chassis.
  • Motorway signage trailers.
  • Graffitti removal systems.
  • Carriage Trailers.

We will always entertain requests for bespoke design and manufacture and will engage fully with customers to understand and build the ultimate trailer to meet their needs. Please don’t hesitate to ring for an informal discussion and quote.

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