Cast Trailer Coupling 50mm Heavy Duty Hitch

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Heavy duty cast trailer coupling hitch suitable for unbraked trailers with a maximum capacity of 750kg on the road. Can also be fitted to off-road trailers with a maximum weight capacity of 2000kg.

Cast Trailer Hitch Specifics

This hitch has 2 x 13mm mounting holes which are centred at 76mm. (76mm Fixing Centres) to suit a M12 bolt.
Unbraked coupling is 56mm wide. Can be mounted to tube or box.


E marked, CE approved trailer coupler. It is also a legal requirement to have a secondary coupling cable fitted to any unbraked trailer.

This hitch is very similar to the old style Bradley doublelock D201 cast trailer coupling. It can be fitted with a lock. We sell these separately.


4 kg


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