Electric Fence Post Kit

£119.99 (+ VAT)

£143.99 (incl. VAT)

Electric fence post kit ideal for any small holding, horse paddocks and much more.

The electric fence post itself is 1200mm tall and holds 3 plastic fence reels. Each reel in this kit can hold either 1000m of wire, 400m of 20mm tape or 200m of 40mm tape.

The post is made from quality steel and the reels are plastic with metal hangers.

Gear ratio of the reels is 3:1 making an easy job of applying tension to your fence.


The ideal wire for these reels is 7ply galv wire found here.

If you require just the plastic reel on its own they can be found here.

The height of the post works great with these fence posts found here.


Please note this product is sent direct from supplier.


6 kg


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